Sphere is a vision for the self-optimization and mastery of body and mind.

Situated where passionate and progressive communities intersect and interact, our facilities focus on giving our members the environments they need for training and restoration.

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Our range of training programs are designed to improve athletic performance, sharpen cognitive function and develop resilience in mind and body in a future-facing and curated environment.

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girl on a fitness/exercise bike

Private Performance

Individualized training sessions with our coaches on a customized program backed by the Sphere method, with consultation and performance tracking.

man training in the gym

Semi-Private Performance

Designed to optimize performance, supported with individualized training plans and technical guidance to achieve your training goals in a small and intimate group setting.


Our modern and science-backed recovery solutions to catalyze performance and prime the mind and body in pursuit of optimized living.

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sauna and cold plunge

Infrared Sauna and Cold Plunge

Enhance cardiovascular health, boost HGH levels, and improve energy levels and mood with Sphere’s full-spectrum Infrared Sauna and Cold Plunge suite.

dark room flotation pool

Sensory Deprivation Float Pool

A secret weapon of athletes, entrepreneurs and executives. Improve sleep quality, enhance mental clarity and stimulate creativity in a zero-gravity, healing environment.

infrared sauna

All-Access Passes

Experience a curated selection of facilities including the Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge and Float Pool to enhance post-training recovery. All-Access Recovery gives you full access to a suite of options to optimize your recovery.


The seamless integration of performance and recovery, built on a personalized, customizable program supported by methodically dosed recovery sessions.

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sphere wall


Essential dose of private training and recovery sessions to strengthen your foundation.

sphere hallway


Full dose of private training and recovery sessions for physical and mental optimization.

gym and social area


Maximal dose of private training and recovery sessions to prime the mind and body and break barriers in the pursuit of optimal performance.